Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Can’t Find The Exit

Turned around
Upside down
Inside out
It’s all about
Finding some peace
Finding at least
Some kind of love
(Not from above)
Something to stop
This mental block
Run that way and this
Still manage to miss
I dream that I’m flying
But no points for trying
To get what you need
You’ve got to succeed
Can’t cope with the pressure
It’s too much to measure
Need a Jack and a beer
Need to get out of here
I’m tired and so alone
But can’t find the way home

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Happy Poet

A great artist must suffer, they say.
I’m afraid that’s just not me.
All the problems that I face in life,
Are often solved too easily.

I’m not in the least bit oppressed, or
Dying or gay or extreme.
The only adventures that I have,
Are the ones that I have when I dream.

I tried emo, that didn’t suit me,
The angst was too much hard work.
Plus I know I ain’t no great poet,
Cause I can’t always find rhymes that work.

I’m far to happy to aspire to Plath,
Dickinson's simply too mild.
Can’t seem to go quite as dark as Poe
Not sarcastic enough to be Wilde.

So now it’s abundantly clear to me
I could be a great artist, except
I’m far too content, far too happy,
That’s something I have to accept.

Public Service Announcement #01 - A Brief Disclaimer

May as well be honest, this is little more than a plea for attention.

I write - it's mostly self-indulgent but occasionally I write something that I'm actually quite pleased with.

As it would be pretty cruel of me to force my nearest and dearest to read my scribblings and feign admiration, instead, I'll let the internet be my judge, jury and executioners.

It's pretty basic:

If you like it, say so.

If you don't - and are capable of constructive criticism - please feel free to give your honest opinion.

Flames will be used to heat my flat, as I can't afford coal right now.