Saturday, 21 February 2009

Eng. Lang. RIP

I just can’t face Facebook
I’m all Twittered out
I’m scared of forgetting
What speech is about.

All those people that chat
With me in Myspace
Are people that haven’t
Even seen my place

I don’t feel too social
Sat here all alone
But I still don’t speak
When using my phone

With letters disappearing
To help type with speed
Soon zero’s and ones will
Be all that we’ll need

So I’ll say goodbye in
The best way I know
C U l8r Eng. X
Sry u hv 2 go :-(

Saturday, 14 February 2009


High as a kite

When I’m bathed in your light

And I don’t wanna fight

But I fear that I might

Hold you back

Pull you down

Keep you stuck on the ground

You’re my night sky

My star

You know just

Who you are

But I’m earthbound

So far

Pulling back to the yard

Now I’m yours

Which is fine

But you’ll never be mine

You are that Mac

Song. Jumpin Jack

On speed and back

Here it’s just me.

Baked, but not freed.