Monday, 27 May 2013

General Cam-based Minis

A/N: Finally, this is a few little things I wrote at the Mill Pond a few years back and forgot to post. They're a lot sillier and a lot shorter than my other stuff but I think they're kind of fun.

An English Summer

Oh how terribly British!
Eating Strawberries, drinking Pimms.
Sitting by the riverbank,
Laughing when someone falls in.

Capturing the Cam

Photo’s just won’t work here,
They can’t capture movement or sound.
The lock shouldn’t be silent,
The water should move around.

The tourists laughing while punting,
The locals enjoying the Sun.
The atmosphere must be experienced,
So don’t look at pictures, just come.

July at the Mill Pond 

It’s a beautiful English summer day,
Chilling out next to the Cam.
Everyone’s sat by the riverbank,
With one simple aim. The Plan?

Hang out, drink beer, enjoy the breeze,
Make the most of being alive.
Laugh at the tourists trying to punt,
Wait for one to take a dive!

Recurring Error

A/N: Yeah, this is less sun-inspired, more emo-ey (yes that's a word, cause I said so!)

Why don’t we listen?

Why don’t we see?

Why do we ignore the signs?

Why do we distrust our instincts?

Our decisions are inconstant as ripples from the rain

Our knowledge, our education, discarded in an instant

Why do we forget?

The Granta

A/N: This really isn't a poem, more a structured string of observations and thoughts on the cycle of human interaction. At a pub.

So much can change from night to day

From one bank to the other

The pouring rain turns, making way for baking sun and a cool breeze.

Drunken bragging and fighting ends

And the strains of a simple tune float across the meadow

Anger turns to laughter

Confusion to clarity

As the sun slowly dips below the horizon

And the wind blows harder and stronger

The heat stays within, fuelling the anger

Another day is over

One day less to be at peace

One day closer to complete release

As the moon rises the insanity peaks

The excuses flow with the ale.

Questions, doubts, fears are revealed.

Only to be settled when the sun returns.

No Space for Peace

You come for the sun
Then hide in the shade
Trying to imagine
The world’s gone away

But wherever you hide
There’s no true escape
For clarity comes
Awareness takes shape

Then every yell and every bark
Seem louder than before

And no amount of ignorance
Can help you close the door.

Sun Chaser

There you are.

I’ve been looking for you.

You’ve evaded me

Teased and taunted me

With brief flashes through the canopy.

Dancing on the water

But never resting on me

And now you’re here

I shy away

Your warmth caresses me

But your light blinds

So I cannot stay

I move out of your glare

Admiring you from a safe distance

But the search wasn’t for nothing

That brief moment in your heated gaze

Filled me with a warmth to outlast winter

If I could only keep a hold.