Monday, 20 April 2009

Just the Good Stuff

You’re all I want
You’re all I need
Don’t make me cry
Don’t make me bleed

When life gets tough
You’re on my side
Don’t feel I have
To run and hide

You’ve been my friend
For all these years
You make me laugh
You ease my fears

You hold me close
And stroke my hair
Give me that look
That shows you care

You’re all it takes
To keep me calm
You’ll never let
Me come to harm

And when they ask
“Why choose that Guy?”
Don’t need to think
To answer why

Life’s real good when
He’s by my side
His smile makes me
Feel so alive.

He’s all I want
He’s all I need
Don’t make me cry
Don’t make me bleed

Public Service Announcement #2 Excuses, Excuses

The last few weeks have been filled with drama for me. So I haven't had time to post but I have done lots of writing.

I've been to New York (which had some very cool parts, but frankly, reminded me a lot of London!)

I've been to a wedding (and if a wedding doesn't inspire even some poetic thoughts / feelings then you are officially dead inside), thus forcing me to sit in a church for over an hour - something that always gets me riled up and gets the contemplation running at 11.

It was my birthday (and I'm the wrong side of 25 to tell you how old.) My birthday was heaven because my wonderful boyfriend indulged me in a terribly romantic day out (Picnic by water, sparkly presents, good wine - you get the gist.)

So all in all, I've been very busy hence the rather lengthy break in posting.

Plus I'm crap at sticking to anything resembling a timetable!


That's my blathering done. Don't think anyone's reading this anyway, so no harm no foul! I just like to amuse myself.

On with the dodgy poetry...