Sunday, 20 November 2011


Because sometimes life just feels horribly monotonous...

Same old issues
Same old fears
Same old worries
Same old tears
Same old enemies
Same old friends
The same old drama, that never ends.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

UPDATE: Superman v. The Law of Torts (2010)

I've just stumbled upon a rather awesome site called 'Law and the Multiverse' that naturally reminded me of the blog post I wrote last year.

Thought I'd share it here for those who were interested in my musings about the legal ramifications of being a superhero. (and also to prove I'm not the only geek to actually consider the topic!)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Out of the Dark

Winter’s finally leaving,
I can see the sun again.
And I’m no longer feeling,
That the darkness will never end.

Events will soon be starting,
My life will soon commence.
It’s time to show who I am,
No more sitting on the fence.

I’ve got it all planned out,
And this time I’ll stay true.
I’m gonna turn my life about,
Give myself a full review.

Cause I can see the spring acoming,
When life restarts once more.
So long dreaming of changes,
And now I’m ready, now I’m sure.

It’s time to forget
All of my regrets.

Time to shout out loud.

Hey World look at me,
See who I can be.

When I’m standing proud.

Cause Winter’s finally left me
I’m standing in the sun again
It feels like I’ve been set free
When I see the darkness end.