Monday, 27 May 2013

Spring Musings

So my muse comes twofold - Men and The Sun.

Both have been missing from my life for a while now. (The lack of men is my fault, the lack of sun is entirely the fault of our thrice-damned English weather!)

Yet after months of nothing, over the last couple of weeks my brain seems to have exploded with thoughts and observations.

I still have no man (definitely for the best right now) but I finally have sun!

Yes, in amongst the horrible rain drenched weekdays, my little corner of the world has finally had it's summer. (Though of course my fingers are crossed for another summer in about 4 days time) and I have really been making the most of it!

So anyway, despite my constant inconsistency with writing and posting on here, what will follow today is a collection of random thoughts and musings that I'm tentatively labeling 'Poetry' despite the lack of any understanding of structure, rules or revision.

If you don't think it deserves to be considered poetry then just call it musings.

Most of these pieces were written over the past few days, but I may throw a few older ones in there based on different subject matter (yes probably some male-inspired drivel will make its way in), just to mix it up a bit.

All comments are welcome, flames will probably by rained out pretty quickly though so consider if they're really worth the wear and tear on your keyboard!

To get to the poems/musings just keep scrolling down and clicking 'Newer Post' (Unless you're on the main page, in which case, Scroll up! you've already passed them!)

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