Monday, 27 May 2013

General Cam-based Minis

A/N: Finally, this is a few little things I wrote at the Mill Pond a few years back and forgot to post. They're a lot sillier and a lot shorter than my other stuff but I think they're kind of fun.

An English Summer

Oh how terribly British!
Eating Strawberries, drinking Pimms.
Sitting by the riverbank,
Laughing when someone falls in.

Capturing the Cam

Photo’s just won’t work here,
They can’t capture movement or sound.
The lock shouldn’t be silent,
The water should move around.

The tourists laughing while punting,
The locals enjoying the Sun.
The atmosphere must be experienced,
So don’t look at pictures, just come.

July at the Mill Pond 

It’s a beautiful English summer day,
Chilling out next to the Cam.
Everyone’s sat by the riverbank,
With one simple aim. The Plan?

Hang out, drink beer, enjoy the breeze,
Make the most of being alive.
Laugh at the tourists trying to punt,
Wait for one to take a dive!